Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Two hours to decide

Time-limiting decision making usually results in
1) Bias decision
2) Irrational way of solving problems
3) Stressful
4) Less competitive solutions
5) Emotional
6) Low quality of ideas

But, this is reality, how can I achieve a better way of making decision within this small amount of time?

First, dont be panic, because we work best when we calm. Throw away the emotionals that will haunt our minds, for example rage, bias, anger and sadness. We will always figure out a way no matter how stiff the condition is, it is just the matter of time and matured way of thinking without emotional force affecting it.

Second, as usual, if you wanna be the best, then seek for the best icon or idol to ask for his/her opinions. Please dont ask too many person because this will make you become more indecisive due to accumulation of good ideas with too many ways of perfect solutions.

Third, seek for trustable friends and brainstorming. As we always do, getting ideas from every member of the group can be really a good way to gain solutions. Even small ideas can be a gigantic yet perfect solution if we can utilise the use of our brains and make the best out of it. Supports from friends and relatives can be a merit to us to make better decisions.

Last, do more information searching if u dont have trustable person arround you. Make it snappy and seek for the important info only. Dun try to complicate ur mind with other present problems and do it step by step and with God's willingness... Within limited of amount time, u'll get the best decision to make.

Look at this picture, how long do you think he made it?
To have a sense of Art in limited amount of time, this is what I call a masterpiece...

An artistic life,
I wish I had more time to decide back then, without emotional interference...

P/s: We are not always born to be someone special, but we can be special by doing what ordinary people cannot do... When time is no longer our concern in making good decisions, we'll be someone that other people will highly respect... (Make ur decision out of your heart, not hard)

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