Sunday, March 7, 2010

Listen to your heart...

I know there is something in your mind when you smile,
I get the notion from the glimpse in your eyes,
Swallowing every hard choices into your deep mind,
Its like taking medicational pills,
Bitter but you have to,
I dunno how long this can go,
I dunno if this fight is worthwhile either,
But what you do, listen to your heart...
You will find solace, you will find tranquility, you will find a solution,
Believe me, fighting a fire with fire, is the worst part,
It'll burn you as well as people around you,
It's not that I quit from this fight and going against you,
Thats not what I mean,
I know, A quiter never wins,
Lets slow down and rethink,
Is this what we want?
I know there's nothing else you can do,
But listen to your heart,
There are so many voices wanted to be heard,
But you dunno where to word them,
Yes, nothing seems to be like what it seems,
Yes, everything is like worst nightmare ever,
Yes, many keep a blind sight from what you're trying to express,
I've undergone this and I know how it feels,
Its like you're not belonging,
You dunno where you're going,
and you dunno why...
Regardless of what decision u made,
I'll be standing behind you,
Even if it'll change our future,
I'll accepting it,
as long as, it comes from your heart...

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