Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is this real, or Is this Pretend? (Answer is in you)

He looks calm.
But his eyes and head are moving.
As if searching for something.
What is it?
Can I know what it is?
I am, don't you?
I wish I can read minds.
I wish I know what is that guy thinking of.
Facial expression ; Blurred.
Is he thinking of something, or he's trying to find a way to stay away from me?
The eyes won't lie.
Even if I can't read your mind.
But I can read your eyes.
I know what they mean. Seriously I'm not a psychic.
It's just normal things of what people first notice about you.
You have a problem don't you?
Action speaks louder than words, my friend.
Is it real? or Is it pretend?
Seriously I don't know unless you tell me.
I know how it feels,
You wanted to tell but you dunno how,
You wanted to hide but it is already obvious,
standing on the road of dilemma,
The choice is your's to make, I can't change people...
But I'll try to help if you wanted me to.

I closed the door sometimes,
not because I hate it if you come and knock,
Just that,
I want to improve myself first,
before I can lead you.
I want to give you time to think alone.
Because why?
The decision is yours to make.
A problem starts and ends with a solution,
And the solution comes from yourself.
Believe me,
Everything that happens, because you choose it.
There always be options.
And don't ever run away from problems.
because, no problems, no FUN!!!

P/s: adapted from the "Personality Test"
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